Strange Dream: God’s Brain

Some dreams are more than the usual nighttime machinations of a chaotic day. They feel like they are here to teach us something, as if saying “pay attention to this one. I am showing you some truth.”

This was one of those dreams.

I am looking down into a brain that is in a head. I know it’s the brain of God. There are millions of little synapses sparks moving quickly through the neural pathways, all traveling in various directions. It looks like chaos, millions of tiny lights flashing in the brain, being born then watching them extinguish as they give rise to another spark. I realize that this is mankind, that all those sparking synapses’ represent each human being having their life experience on earth. At that moment, I understand that we only exist in the mind of God, which we are part of. Each life travels through the God brain, a maze of potential neural pathways and life experiences based on thoughts, not only of their individual life but of the thoughts of their ancestors. So one person’s original spark on the brain, the place on the God brain they begin in life, is in that place because of where ancestral experiences and thinking brought them to. And certain experiences will happen just from being born in that place. Then upon the commencement of our life, we make decisions in each moment (mostly unconsciously) that lead us along the pathways. That is why it is important to bring the unconscious conscious. So we become more aware in the moment of the path of the decisions we make, where and why we travel in the God brain, and which experiences we will have in life. Once we are on a particular neural pathway, certain experiences will inevitably occur on that pathway unless we shift off it. In every moment, we make a decision to continue on one neural pathway or move into another, though the pathways created by our ancestors and our own past thinking are the most entrenched and tend to stay our pathway unless we actively decide to move to another and shift our frequency. It is not easy to shift entrenched frequencies but it can be done. At the end of our life our spark just fades out, runs its course like any light, and our energy is absorbed into the collective energy that is the God brain that sparks all human life. And it just continues forever.

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