The Indigo Abyss

Pollio-Abyss-BlogDeep within each of us lies the Indigo Abyss. It is a sacred place of truth, where boundaries and belief systems are transformed. I entered it within myself to write my first book, Trusting the Currents. It is where I have always found my highest guidance, made my best decisions and known the most peace.

Discovered in solitude, the Indigo Abyss holds the divine spring that flows through the darkened canyons of our unconscious, everyday mind and connects us as one. It ignites our spirit, offering all who enter guidance on the journey through life. With all its uncertainty, this is a time of extraordinary opportunity. We can change our world if we are willing to change ourselves. Eat Healthy. Be Kind. Create. Try to spend a little time every day unplugged from your cell phone, your computer, and your TV. Walk in nature. Touch what you love.

Both individually and collectively, we are engaged in an unprecedented moment of transformation. Something is not quite right. Much of what we believed to be true has proven to be an illusion or a lie. We grasp at worn ideas and institutions that comforted us in the past, but now feel empty, abandoned of promise. Disconnected from each other, we are alone as never before.

We are all a little scared. Too many people are suffering. We like to think that it is not us, but someone else who carries these burdens. But deep within, we know the truth. Maybe it’s time to admit our fears, share our vulnerability, and come together to discover solutions to the same challenges we created together.

The answer lies in the simplest of places, forgotten for fear or judgment or ambition. It is such a quiet place in our noisy world that we no longer trust it. Instead, we have surrendered to the external chatter of technology and culture. We’ve lost the beauty of what we share here, searching for the differences we wield to separate instead of appreciate. It is our heart that is calling us home now. Along with the greatness of what we are when we listen to it.

The Indigo Abyss exists for those who have begun to awaken. I don’t know what it will become. I was compelled to create this place, turn on a light and wait on the porch. Ultimately, I hope it becomes a sanctuary for those who are turning on their own light, ready to take charge of their lives, open their hearts and participate in a more meaningful, loving world.



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