Inspiration Speaks. Waking Words for 2022.

I woke up inspired today. There hasn’t been a lot of that this year. You know inspiration because it floods you with light, sight and possibility. It illuminates your darkest parts while courting the unknown. Who will I become this next year? What will we create together? Will we leave the past behind; the sorrow, loss, fear and failure and become something else? Inspiration promises yes! It is always there for us. Inspiration loves what it cannot yet see, treasures our differences, conflicts and confusions. It knows the magnificent new creations that arrive when we meet in that misunderstood place of true transformation.

Inspiration does not stay long. Like the sun teasing a rainy day, or a gentle whisper, it offers only a glimpse of what might be. If only. If only you had faith, courage, tried something new, took unusual action, fanned some elfish spark. Seek inspiration’s counsel within quiet moments or borrow some of mine, for there is enough to go around. When the heart opens, inspiration rejoices and imagination is set free.

As a Consciousness Doula, I’ve been on a decades long journey into human consciousness. I now exist primarily in our future. The world we call reality is merely a memory we all must navigate until we feel our way through this mess. Although I bring much with me to this future- experience, skills, wisdom, friendships, I am walking uncommon ground; a soul seeking others that are walking that same ground. I am passionately committed to the people, businesses and initiatives that are being birthed for the highest good of every living being on the planet. Many think this is a lofty dream or even a delusion. That is because they have not yet seen through the hard, cold ice of our entrenched belief systems into the warm, spirited rush of possibility. There is unbridled imagination stirring within tens of millions on the planet. Please join us.

The only way to change our world is to change ourselves. Everything we need lies within the unmet blueprint we each carry. Our internal universe is as expansive as the external universe but societal directives keep us closeted from this truth. Explore your inner blueprint. Our world will not be healed by any external force. It will be healed by courageous, adventurous humans willing to suspend their beliefs and fears, trust the currents and each other. Yes, it is scary. But all monumental ideas and creations rise from within. To begin, consider the human technologies of wisdom, intuition, compassion, empathy, forgiveness and gratitude as tools. These powerful energetic technologies are our birthright. When we as a species understand how they operate, it will change everything about who we become.

I know well the darkness we are living in but for now, I am exploding with light. Whether you realize it or not, we are all being disconnected from the past, bursting with potential for the future. Let go of who you thought you’d be and allow yourself to become something bigger and unexpected. Choose the unfamiliar landscape and greet strangers with an open mind. Inhabit that future. Be brave and kind. Have strength. What we imagine, we become. Why not imagine something wonderful? Please consider exploring what lies within your heart in 2022. You will not be alone.

If you are feeling the pull into the unknown, please feel free to reach out to me with questions or to share your story. This next year needs your voice.

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