Grasshopper Wisdom

DSC01223Grasshopper says: “It’s hard to let go of things. But it’s harder to be weighed down by them.”

This is the time to let go. Clean your closets, end that broken relationship, seek a new position that resonates with your future desires. Speak your mind! The force for change is behind you, helping. Open the windows of your life and let in the fresh air. Surrender what no longer serves you. What you don’t release, transform through gratitude, compassion, forgiveness and wisdom. The pressures to change will continue to mount. It is time to leap into the unknown and allow your life to become different. Unique ways of existing will appear if you are willing to move in new directions. Share your fears and vulnerabilities with others. It is there you will discover strength.

We are at the end of a long cycle. There is chaos and uncertainty, loss and anger. Everything is shaking; the earth, countries, institutions, beliefs, conventions. But another cycle is beginning. The choices we make now have unusual power and will either catapult you into growth and rebirth or mire you in a place with no solutions.

Travel lightly in this new world. There is no room for judgment or acrimony. No time for regret. Flexibility and tenderness are skills that will cultivate a supportive network of like-minded adventurers. Some will criticize the changes you are making in your life. Although it may sound trite, listen to your heart.

Fear may be a companion during these days but don’t make it a friend. It is going to lie and ask that you return to the safety of your stuck place, demand you keep quiet, or tell you that you are alone in your quest for a better life. You are not.

You can feel it in the air. The transformation is real and permanent. Why not embrace its emergence? Let go and begin again. There has never been a better time to be awake and alive.

Speak Your Mind