Trusting The Currents



“While Pollio admirably asks “what right did I have to tell a black southern woman’s story?” her saga holds surprising power, at times approaching the grandeur of The Color Purple and Beloved with the insights of a delightful wise-child narrator. Gorgeous imagining of a touching, memorable guiding spirit.” – Kirkus Reviews

“Trusting the Currents is an uplifting story about the spiritual journey of self-discovery, faith, forgiveness, and inspires readers to rise above the insecurities and obstacles in their lives and face the fear of darkness and uncertainty head on.  The book is inspirational and encourages readers to look inward and effect the positive transformation that makes life more meaningful. Many readers will be able to relate to the author’s experiences and this book will sow the seeds of hope in their souls. The writing style is powerful, expressive, exquisite and descriptive. All the characters are memorable and will remain in readers’ heart for a long time. This timeless story of love, courage and spiritual transformation is definitely worth reading and also owning in one’s personal collection.” Readers’ Favorite

“Trusting the Currents is a wonderful surprise—a beautifully written novel that hits all the right notes. It’s not easy for a writer, particularly one of a different race and culture to take on a completely different voice, and it frequently is not done well. “Trusting the Currents,” however, does it beautifully. The writing is artistic and evocative without being over the top. The same can be said for the voice—many writers overdo a black Southern voice, constantly reminding readers what they’re trying to do without actually doing it, but that’s not the case here. Readers feel they are really hearing Addie Mae’s story. The inspirational story lines, both the author’s, which nicely frames the story, and Addie Mae’s, are almost incidental to simply being with this strong and spirited soul. The tragedies in the book, as well as the high points, are done well and fit naturally into the story line. The characters are beautifully drawn and realistic.” Writer’s Digest Book Awards Judge’s Commentary

Selected Amazon Reviews:

“Wonderful, wonderful book! It’s rare that a book resonates so deeply, but this one did just that. It seems, too, that what the author says is true: Addie Mae draws readers to her. I discovered Addie Mae while in the midst of a current, and her wisdom and courage have inspired me to embrace it and look forward with happy anticipation to where it’s carrying me. ‘Trusting the Currents’ is a beautifully written and timeless story, one that captivates from beginning to end and leaves you wanting more. A must read!”

“A Magical Treasure Deserving of TEN Stars. Never has a book played on so many deep, rich chords in me. Often suspenseful storytelling took me to the edge of my chair. Characters so real and instantly lovable kept taking me to the edge of tears in sharing their pain, joy, and love. And then there’s the writing. It’s jaw dropping amazing that anyone could upholster so many pages with such poetic phrases. On its face it’s a fable. Children and country folks welcome you into their homes, lives, and hearts, only to spout soul depth and spiritual sparkle in almost every paragraph. Addie Mae, who tells this tale, you will never forget. So she includes us, through crucial moments, exchanges, happenings until we’ve seen her through coming of age and into her own. But that’s just surface.

Most of all this book is a glorious fountain of life force. Pure wondrous energy. Before saying more let me confess: I am an advanced energy healer, and when I saw a notice that mentioned ten awards as literature I “read” the energy. Both author and the work are highly unusual in the powers they radiate. Then, in reading, I not only could feel this wondrous infusion even more powerfully by letting in word, by magic-laden word. But also I got to witness some immensely inspired spell-casting of the highest order.

The story unfolds as if we are accompanying Addie Mae as she blazes her way into a life finally truly hers. Barely hinted at in the text is the far more powerful story that unfolds–of how our own life, as reader, reaches to new depths and heights as Addie Mae works her way playfully into us as soul guide.

So why read this book? Along with delight, marvel, pleasure, read this so you will be mused as never before into living more of what is so far the untold, rich destiny waiting to spill onto your life’s pages.

And for me as author of a work in progress, I celebrate that the bar for what it means to write a book has been so vastly raised, and with it, a guide in making such leaps is now loose among us, and joyously willing to lend far more than a hand.” Artie Egendorf, PhD

“The voices in Trusting the Currents refuse to be muted as they bring us face to face across the divides of race, class, religion. This is a powerful story that is an offering, a revival, benediction, altar, and a powerful calling for the return of all long-obscured matriarchs.  All praises for Trusting the Currents….enlightening, and highly evolved.” Jaki Shelton Green, Poet, NC Piedmont Laureate 

“A new classic for our generation. I was incredibly moved by Trusting the Currents– Addie Mae represents the spirit in all of us. The whisper in our soul, driving us to push beyond our realms of comfort. Our heart breaks with her many times throughout the story, and like many “classic” narratives before it, it is discretely, then quite epically stitched back together as the story reveals its final lessons. Addie Mae wasn’t looking for answers and neither should we, she was looking for her confidence to grow enough to take that first step in the direction of her dreams. And she did it with the support of her community. I cried (many times), I cheered, and perhaps most surprising of all, after I finished I wrote my mother a letter thanking her for all she’s done for me. Trusting the Currents brought her and I closer together just as Addie Mae brought me closer to myself. Trusting the Currents is for anyone seeking to reconnect with their inner voice, anyone ready for a powerful journey through the eyes of a kindred spirit. I’ll recommend it to anyone ready for something more than your average fiction but most importantly, anyone pondering a change or transition. I started it in the botanical gardens in Christchurch, NZ and read it across each plane journey during a 5 stop speaking tour I just completed. It gave me strength when I was giving a lot (we all know much us with passion put into projects). I am so grateful my dear friend recommended your book for this particular journey, one on which I was ready to soak Addie Mae up.” S. Peterson

“This beautifully written book delivers just the right message at just the right time. Lynnda’s insight and description allows you to taste what she is conveying as well as feel and see it. It encourages faith and trusting ones intuition more than we ever have before because that is what is needed at this time. We all have turning points and pivotal moments in our lives. Like our lives, this book is full of twists and turns. I’ve highlighted many quotes and phrases that cut straight to my heart throughout the book. For anyone in transition, recovering from loss, wondering or perplexed as to what is next this book smooths the way. It allows for faith and courage during these times and will forever change you, lift you and ground you all at the same time. One of my favorite lines from the book; ” I was floating in a calm, beautiful sea all alone, knowing it loved me, every drop of it. The water, the air, the fearless sun and me were all one. I felt at peace, the kind of peace birds must know after flying for a long time, finally discovering a safe place to rest.” S. Barber

A lovely, lyrically written story that left me reading passages aloud because of the author’s word choices and the cadence of the sentences and paragraphs. A quick read that you’ll want to reread again (and again), this book would appeal to women, men and young adults. The beautiful, spiritually infused messages about living authentically and trusting your destiny will stay with you long after you finish reading it.” Sheryl S.

Trusting the Currents is a lyrical novel that takes us into a world of awakening through the powerful innocence and experience of a young Southern girl, Addie Mae. Lynnda Pollio expertly weaves the worlds of ordinary life – family, cooking, sexuality – with the wondrous magic of nature and synchronicity, of dream casting and the ‘sparks from the other side’. There are so many treasures here: the language of nature and the voices of her characters; the wisdom that turns darkness into light; the way that she turns the journey of a young Southern girl into a universal experience. Addie Mae takes us by the hand and leads us into her world as she learns to trust the currents of her own heart and opens her eyes to the wild nature that surrounds her. The lush potency of the natural world, the signs and portents that she begins to read as if markers on a map of self-discovery, bring the whispering trees and huge skies, the sunsets and early mornings of her existence into a deep presence. Slowly, we grow with her remembering the love of books and the power of words and the importance of being yourself no matter what. As Addie Mae’s eyes increasingly search the horizon of the future, when she must leave everything that is familiar behind her, she has already settled herself into readers’ hearts and will stay there forever. In the wisdom tradition of The Alchemist and Jonathan Livingstone Seagull, Trusting the Currents is destined to become a classic, a timeless story of courage and love written with a knowing luminosity. —Nicola Graydon Harris, Journalist, Co-Author, The Ancestral Continuum

“This book is brilliant! I can’t say enough about the wisdom that unfolds and the potential that sparks within. You’ll find yourself at “home,” and at the same time, you’ll travel with Addie Mae to the outskirts of soul. While she reveals herself to you, you can’t help but uncover unfamiliar thread of your own existence. If you revel in the beauty of love, the mystery of spirit, the courage of soul, and the alchemy of relationship…Read. This. Book.” A Folz

“WONDERFULLY AMAZING BOOK!! I have read many, many books including all of Paul Coelho’s and this one is equal if not exceeds the messages he send in his books. You can relate to and feel the messages/lessons it shares with every unique character. I would love to see this book be mandatory reading for high school students–if they can walk away with even an ounce of the many messages they will have grown in ways they couldn’t imagine otherwise. Oprah should definitely read this book and have it on her show–I am sure this would definitely be one of her top picks!” Lisa Jones

“Words that will tap your soul. This book really is a must read. Lynnda Pollio writes in a way that truly speaks to our soul. She takes us deep into the characters in the story and calls us to think and possibly change or grab the path we are on. Through Addie Mae, we learn more than the words written can say.If you enjoy reading books, then this one will speak to you. If you enjoy being captured by an engaging and, at times, troubling story, then this one will speak to you. If you want to understand how characters in a story can change lives (good and bad), then this one will be one to not miss. As you read this book, you will think about your own life story as well. My guess is you will read this book in one sitting… because you will not want to put it down. Afterwards, “Trusting the Currents” will remain in your thoughts and soul. A good place for it to be.” Jon M

“This is one of the more extraordinary books I have ever read. I’m so grateful to have found it. The story is so accessible and has left me with a heart open to the gifts of our time here on Earth. I have been so moved, that I have given to a number of people, including my three young nieces, who I trust will benefit greatly from it’s insights, light and wisdom. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn more about becoming a better human being, and how humanity can love each other more.” Greg W,

“This is a magnificent book for the ages. Lynnda Pollio’s Trusting The Currents is a must-read, and read-again kind of novel/fable/parable that will resonate to all of us at some point (or points) our lives. Mindfulness, life-lessons, interpersonal communications, mother-daughter, mentor-pupil, sister-friend-lover relationships are all offered up for our consideration in the most charmingly colloquial, straightforward way. A triumph and a gem.” DPS

“I loved this book! A remarkable story told from the voice of a Southern Black Woman, is truly a tale about the life lessons of love, loss, self-discovery and transformation we learn from our day-day experiences. A well-written, lyrical, poetic and heart-warming book, I did not want it to end! Brava to first time author Lynnda Pollio. Job well done.” S. Moulton

“If you are hungry for a book which reveals the true beauty of our soul and spirit, then please PLEASE read this wonderful book. I feel awed by its timeless wisdom, its readability, and the stunning quality of Lynnda Pollio’s style. How can I find words to review such a treasure ? A quote from WB Yeats comes to mind: ‘Had I the heaven’s embroidered cloth…’ I loved this book so much that I will be buying more copies to give to friends and family. Even though it is so deep, it’s also a compelling read, the characters vivid and easy to relate to, the earth vibrant with life, the skies full of light. Honestly, it’s as if this book was written by an angel. It stands out from the crowd as a dazzling messenger of light. I hope its beams travel far across our planet. Thank you Lynnda Pollio, good luck and brightest blessings. Elaine Clover

“Wow. From the first page I could feel myself in every character, and, every character as part of me. Their struggles were mine, even those I didn’t want to admit at first. As I sunk deeper into the story, I couldn’t help but look at each character as a part of my soul. Lynnda has really found that balance between telling a story and sharing her own journey, so much so that it propelled me on my own. I felt every emotion while reading this book: anger at the injustices in the world (but peace in knowing they are there to teach us), excitement as to what would happen next (and knowing that same excitement I can find in each moment of my own life), comfort in being with “what is” (and taking deep breathes to ground in my own “what is” each time I put down the book), and many others. Wow.” Eric Rassman

“Lynnda Pollio has entered her literary career with dazzling depth as she brings the reader through a beautiful story of transformation and surrender against the backdrop of the deep south. Unlike many books in the spiritual enlightenment category. Pollio has channeled Trusting the Currents with the voice and depth of character reminding the reader of powerfully rich, descriptive language inspired by the classics of Fitzgerald, Steinbeck and Salinger. In a relationship that we will never understand “until we join the Invisibles,” Addie Mae shares an epic tale of how truth and hardship can show the willing soul just what it needs to see to find life’s purpose. Lynnda’s grand tale through Addie Mae’s journey entices the reader through their own journey of transformation and acceptance of divine timing. Through the many layers of the story, the lessons of Trusting the Currents come subtly through in this mystical search for truth.” Jon

I haven’t been able to put the book down from start to finish and will surely return to Trusting the Currents again and again. Your words are spirit-filled Lynnda. There’s new hope in the air for all humankind when people “meet up” by means of such grace, though thousands of miles apart. Thank you for sharing your heart – and an extraordinary family of humankind. Congratulations. I shall follow the book’s progress with joyful interest, prayers and hopefulness.” Simon Marsh, English Anglican parish priest

Trusting the Currents is a book of luminous beauty, both inspiring and uplifting. It places the trials and hardships of life in a larger context, where we must move beyond the perspective of the moment to trust that grander purposes are at play. This trust is made easier by sensing the beauty of the world in which we live, beauty which itself intimates of those grander purposes. Lynnda Pollio’s writing and descriptions of nature are exquisite. Her sensitivity to nature is remarkable, as are her descriptions of the sun’s rising and setting, the flow of a river, a bed of flowers, a dragonfly. This is a book you will hold until its story and message are complete. And, I suspect, there will be a tear in your eye when you do come to the book’s completion.” Solomon Katz

“A story you hear in your heart. Addie Mae will speak to you as she does to everyone who embraces this life altering novel. Addie Mae’s story transforms the reader by making us see our lives in her rich tapestry of self awakening so beautifully written and paced by Lynnda Pollio. The reader longs for more and for the story to continue in our own lives. Genuine inspiration that is timeless and thought provoking worth everyone’s time and devotion to its characters and deep meaning. I rank it along side The Alchemist as one of my favorite books. Thank you Addie Mae, Jenny and Lynnda for this gift of a book that crosses all gender, race, cultural and age barriers. If you have a soul that you long to hear, then this book is for you. Trusting the Currents is more than a novel. It is a guide to find one’s life path.” Sue Shein

“An exceptional concept with exquisite use of the English language. A wonderful first novel. At times deliciously sweet and beautiful, other times heart wrenching yet filled throughout with a rare wisdom. I will read it again – slowly for pure pleasure and to note down some of Addie Mae’s wise sayings. I have never read a book I enjoyed more.” Will Griffin

“I love books. I inhale them like I do oxygen. They nourish my body, heart and soul. I have read thousands of great books in my life. Trusting the Currents, is in the top 5 of the best books I have ever read. When I read it (which I do over and over again), I have the impulse to cut out the hundreds of wise, poignant and all knowing phrases and post them on every wall in my home. I want to be surrounded by its penetrating truth of courage, love and life. As a psychotherapist, whose life’s work is helping people transform, I highly recommend reading this book and experiencing its transformative powers. Thank you Lynnda for this precious gift – your labor of love for humanity.” David Hersey

“It’s rare that a story transports and transforms. Equally rare when you find yourself racing to find out how it will all turn out at the same time you never want the story to end. But that’s what happens in Trusting the Currents. The author calls the story of Addie Mae Aubrey a “new genre of conscious storytelling.” I call it brilliant and a highly recommended read!” Joanne Tombrakos

“I guess I never really took a conscious accounting of my own life’s journey until I found Trusting the Currents. After a very long 30-year relationship I find that part of my life coming to an end. We all experience trials and tribulations and deal with them as best we can, but I have never come across a book that touched me deep in my soul as Trusting the Currents. My journey is very similar to that of Addie Mae Aubrey, all be it I am a white male from the north. I too never really was happy with my life and deep down inside, I never trusted the currents that kept me floating along the journey we call life. This book has touched me in ways that brought out every emotion imaginable. I was able to see my own life in those characters, and when I realized that it had that kind of grasp on me, it became clear that it altered my thinking and my entire world suddenly seemed a bit different. I never realized how a novel could have such an effect on me. I am beginning to trust those currents now and starting my life over. The transformation for me has consciously awakened my soul clarifying my own life’s truths and has invigorated my soul with new hope and appreciation for all that life has in store for me. Trusting the Currents will take you on a journey that will transform your conscious thinking and feed your soul with new seeds of hope.” Michael Flon

“Addie Mae will speak to you as she does to everyone who embraces this life altering novel. Addie Mae’s story transforms the reader by making us see our lives in her rich tapestry of self awakening so beautifully written and paced by Lynnda Pollio. The reader longs for more and for the story to continue in our own lives. Genuine inspiration that is timeless and thought provoking worth everyone’s time and devotion to its characters and deep meaning. I rank it along side The Alchemist as one of my favorite books. Thank you Addie Mae, Jenny and Lynnda for this gift of a book that crosses all gender, race, cultural and age barriers. If you have a soul that you long to hear, then this book is for you. Trusting the Currents is more than a novel. It is a guide to find one’s life path.” Sue Sheain

“You usually have a choice, either entertain yourself with a beautifully written page-turner or choose a piece that will make you pause every few pages to reflect on the deeper aspects of life. Rarely do you have such a striking blend of both, but Trusting the Currents does. I cannot recommend this book more, if for no other reason than to see if others also feel such a good energy after reading it. I haven’t found anyone who hasn’t yet and not sure I will.” Corey Gehrt

“In the midst of our winter of the polar vortex, curling up with Trusting the Currents infuses even the coldest day with the warmth of a tale well-written. Opening this book, the reader is immediately pulled into a story of a complicated Southern family with a cast of characters easy to love and fear, each one so beautifully realized that the words create a distinct visual picture. Nature writing is difficult, and yet the author leads the reader on a path to help us find the wonders in our natural world, step by step, without being preachy. Read this book for the terrific story the author tells, and find in it a spiritual quality that evolves so naturally that is sneaks up on you.” Zazel Loven

“I read most of this book as I hunkered down under the covers for an early and quiet evening. I was struck by how much difficulty the 3 heroines endure, yet the book is bathed in a golden light of faith, humor and beauty. I remember early during the Iraq war, springtime burst with blossoming trees and flower buds and it occurred to me that even in a war zone, things keep blooming, and it could actually be a “beautiful day.” Trusting the Currents captures this paradox beautifully and in doing so it’s truer to life than we can sometimes see. I had hunkered down feeling sensitive and a little low energy and I was surprised at how bathed in goodness I felt by the end of it. I can see this is a book I will return to, but I want to be clear that it is much more than a feel-good or uplifting story. While it is uplifting, it is also a book that we read, hear and feel. It works on many levels to tell its story.” Judy Herzl

“I could not put this book down. I found myself transcending through time, space and dimension, into the passion of the story. The lessons of the Earth Mother and the respect for the characters in this story. It literally still is touching my heart and soul, and I do hope there are more stories to come. I am deeply grateful to have come across this book, to this day no other book has touched my heart and soul this deeply.” Lizzie

“Lynnda Pollio’s poetic prose immerses you in the world of the Deep South in the 1930’s and a young girl’s struggle to follow her dreams. At a time when girls were encouraged to become wives and mothers, Addie Mae’s inner fire guides her to challenge the safety of her insular community and seek what her heart longs for. I was especially moved by vivid imagery that brings the smell of peach blossoms and the taste of Mama’s scrumptious noodles to life. Pollio brilliantly weaves a spiritual message throughout the story that everyone can relate to and benefit from. We all have a unique life path and every person in our lives plays an important role to guide us to our destiny. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is seeking their authenticity.” Beth Eichenbaum

“It’s always a pleasant surprise to find that rare book that speaks to life’s basic truths with a voice that’s both spiritual and unique. Trusting the Currents is such a book. A gifted storyteller and writer, Lynnda Pollio weaves the tale of a black Southern family as told by her muse and main character, Addie Mae. Set in a more innocent time, likely the 1950’s, the secrets of life are eloquently revealed within a rich narrative that opens our eyes to fresh new angles of age-old dilemmas. Trusting the Currents is as memorable as it is enlightening.

“Ultimately, Ms. Pollio delivers a memorable and timeless classic. Just as Addie Mae’s mentor and teacher, Miss Blanchard, who called her a “young pecan,” saw the seed of hope buried inside her spirited soul as a child, and “tenderly pulled out the raw kernel of promise…making a fine pie out of [her],” Trusting the Currents will likely steer many readers to see what we should already know: “learn to trust the currents in life, no matter where they be takin’ you. If you’re pure of heart and brave and ask God to put you where you can do His best, you will find the one place that you alone belong. A book that helps us arrive at this remarkable destination, and with such effortless cadence, is a book worth treasuring.”  JZ Bingham

Trusting the Currents kept me on my toes and had a hold on my heart from page one. I was spell bound by the lives of Addie Mae and Lynnda coming together to gracefully and fiercely mentor how to face your life, follow guidance and take ACTION towards YOUR life. I couldn’t put the book down yet as it got closer to the end I found myself slowing down for I didn’t want to release the experience of BEing with Addie Mae and with Lynnda. I have been able to apply what I learned from their mentorship and I recommend the book to everyone.” Amy Frost

“An amazing story with powerful messages for the reader. Beautifully written. Be sure to have a few hours to spare when you first pick it up, because you might not want to put it down. Let this powerful spiritual tale take you on the journey, too.” Jacquelyn Ottman

“This is a beautiful book, written with such ease and eloquence that I finished it in one sitting. As Lynda Pollio’s protagonist learned how to “trust the currents” of her life, her journey reawakened and reinforced that same “knowing” in me. For narrative to do that is an accomplishment indeed. I highly recommend this novel.” Debbie Robins

“A much needed, consciousness-raising, beautifully written modern day parable. It has been said that a parable is an earthly story with a heavenly meaning. Sages through the ages frequently used parables as a means of illustrating profound, not easily understood, universal truths. I’ve personally long embraced intuition and coincidences as natural phenomena, but could never easily explain why. Lynnda Pollio can. She has a divine gift of being able to make deep, universal truths resonate with the core of your being. She is a parable teller par excellence, and ‘Trusting the Currents’ is a gem of a book. I highly recommend it as a gift to anyone skeptical of anything ‘spiritual’ or as a gift to yourself for when you could do with a delightfully, refreshingly different look at life.” Michael Haupt

“I had no idea where I might be going when I opened this book. I had been drawn to it by the cover picture of the dragonfly, to me a great symbol of wisdom. The author, Lynnda Pollio, invites into the magic of change on a cellular level. My understanding of magic is that change of perception that happens even if we are unaware of it until something changes with and within our understanding. As an ordained minister, my personal theology resounds with the theologian H.Richard Neibuhr, who says if we are true to our calls, we first must remove ourselves fron the bustle of the world to hear our true selves. And then, we are compelled to return to our lives and present them through the magic of God. Lynnda Pollio allows us to see her vulnerability as her life is broken open in, and stitched together again to return to this world enlived with the Spirit of God. Thank you Ms. Pollio” Andrea Stoeckel