Patron of the Hearts

I was speaking with someone about his sister who died recently. He said she was a lost soul, never found a way to support herself and needed others to financially care for her. Then he told me she had the biggest heart he’d ever known, and about all the people who attended her funeral with stories about her kindness. Everyone spoke about how loving and giving she was to them, about the value she brought into their lives. I wondered if she ever knew this.

I got to thinking about the “Heartists” of the world. Those people whose very presence brings light and love to others, always there when you need guidance or a hug without them asking for anything back. Often, their special sensitivities can’t find a way to fit in to the structures and expectations of our technological society.

Why do we place more value on those with wealth and power, regardless of how they attained it, over people who dedicate their lives to helping others? We all have our place in the world. Some are gifted with the skills of medicine, with numbers, with leadership, salesmanship, tech talents. Culture rewards the educated and professional metrics. What about those who support our greatest human asset, the heart?

We don’t recognize the importance of the heart and all the ways it makes life worth living. In the past, these sensitive souls may have been the shamans of their tribes, honored and cared for by the members they were helping. We live in such a materialistic society that we only see value in the concrete. Over the millennium, artists have been supported by patrons who valued the beauty and magic that art brought into their lives. What kind of society could we become if we recognized and valued the Heartists out there. What if we became Patrons of the Hearts?

The heart has the largest energetic field in the human body. Being a Heartist is an underestimated human technology, though we think those with the biggest hearts to be the weakest among us. We live in a cold world right now. Heartlessness is epidemic. People willing to keep theirs open against the odds, to hold a space for kindness, compassion, forgiveness, and tolerance need to be appreciated and supported more than ever.

Heartists can’t help but be Heartists, as artists can’t help but be artists. Whatever else they are, they will always make the sacrifices, always help others who reach out, always hold a space of love around them for whomever crosses their path.

If the biggest heart you know needs support right now, whether it be financial, life management, or simply, caring, please give. By helping these courageous souls, you are helping the world be a better place to live. There is great value in a heart that is open to others, that holds the suffering of many and listens with non-judgement and authentic attention.

As they give their heart, their ear, their love, give back to them. See the value in what they offer. Be in gratitude for what they represent on the planet. Where would we be without people who love so much? Become a Patron of the Hearts.

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