2019 The Year of Truth: Revelation and Eruption

This past year was punctuated by loss. People died in our lives. Others lost homes, jobs and relationships as well as faith and purpose. There are big empty gashes where something we counted on previously stood. For many, it was a year of endings.

2019 begins the planting of seeds so something new can grow in those spaces. You have a choice of what you plant. Glean with considered wisdom as your decisions now carry significant weight on the rest of your life. 2019 marks the advent of the next cycle, though what began over the past few years is not yet complete. Change happens in waves. Some people were greatly affected in 2018, still others will experience these massive shifts over the coming handful of years.

2019 is not a good year for secrets. Truth and our desire for it will bear down hard, weakening delusion. Resistance to the turmoil of these incoming truths will incite eruptions of fear, temper, and mental instability. Acceptance invites revelation, release, and inspiration. This year, we wander a precarious line between the two. As the curtain of long-held micro and macro deceptions pulls back to reveal what has been hidden, I offer a little guidance for those interested in traveling the high road through the year:

Rabid Instability. Get used to the ground rumbling beneath your feet, literally and figuratively. It’s important to become comfortable within discomfort during this stormy transition. Practice not freaking out. You practice by starving fear of an emotional charge. When triggered, neutrally observe your emotions as much as possible but don’t engage them. Instead, replace your reaction with a positive thought or gratitude and take one small action towards that thought. It will disperse the fear and begin to shift reality. This is an undeveloped human technology.

Colliding worlds. We may live on the same planet but we exist in different worlds. Until recently, these cultural worlds have been separate, each allowed their own beliefs, rules and prejudices. As the walls of these worlds dissolve, there is inevitable conflict. Explore and cultivate affinity rather than disparity with others. Tolerance and compromise are keys to building a promising new humanity that can be forged from this friction.

Take the long view. 2019 marks the beginning of many things but none of it will happen overnight. There are no quick fixes or easy answers. Progress will not be linear; minds change slowly. Vision and patience are required to navigate the sudden events and unexpected trials that will punctuate our shared landscape this year. We are immersed in the daunting odyssey of becoming something we’ve never been before.

The power of reflection. Slow down and pay attention. You will be surprised by the unconscious decisions you make that are not to your benefit. Explore the deeper, less known aspects of yourself. Joseph Campbell said, “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” Reach out to those qualified to guide you towards an intimate understanding of yourself. It’s the best investment you’ll make all year. This can be uneasy work but it will transform your life in ways you can’t even imagine now.

Dismantle the scaffolding. We are all trapped in limiting mental and physical habits, both big and small. These become prisons in our ability to respond and adapt to this year with clarity. The gentlest way to dismantle these prisons is by changing our small daily habits which act as scaffolding to larger, harder to release patterns. If you are stuck in the unconscious grind of routines, change them. (Turn off the phone!) Follow your curiosity, take unfamiliar directions, and begin to rewire your daily life.

Change your mind. Not everything you know for sure is true. We have all been conditioned by culture and family, schooling and marketing. Our beliefs are often merely defenses that protect what we have and what we don’t know. Open your imagination to include what feels uncommon, even scary. A new thought is a dangerous thing because it replaces ideas you think you need in your life. Changing your mind does not make you wrong. It makes you noble. Apologize, forgive, and unexpected relationships and avenues of opportunity appear that will expand your potential.

Be the optimist in the room. The cacophony of pessimism, complaints and blame will escalate. More than ever, the world needs people who see our brightest future. There is greater good than bad happening in the world but we only notice what is put in front of us by the media and our intimate circles. And by what is central to our own interests. Focus on the positive, the best outcome. Reduce judgement. Expand your circle of acquaintances. Connect with others who share your elevated state of mind, and communicate and create from that place.

It’s not personal. It’s evolution. It looks like the world is falling apart but it is evolving. Our individual lives may be in flux and threatened but there is more freedom, truth and potential now than has ever existed in our industrialized world. Change begets chaos. The best things to ever come from humans are about to arise from this massive shift in consciousness—an expanded awareness—that is emerging. The last such shift arrived during the onset of digital technology.

You are what you settle for. All this shaking of reality has spawned unprecedented opportunities for breakthroughs. There is no better moment for growth. Make intentions. Write them down. Take action. Self-care is critical again this year. Illness will be everywhere. Don’t run yourself down through stress and over-work. Demand respect, time, support. Be responsible for your own thinking. Boost self-awareness by spending time with yourself as much as possible. Honesty and integrity will gain value.

Heart as the North Star. Be kind! We live in a civilization which only worships the mind and its accomplishments. Yet, there is a deep longing for human connection that only the heart can satisfy. Fear blocks the heart’s potential. So, we don’t trust it even though the heart has the largest electromagnetic field in the human body—and we are happiest when following its call. One of the easiest ways to activate the heart is by spending time in nature; the hardest course is through suffering. Truth is the nucleus of the heart. As truth imbues this year, try not to externalize authority. Find it within yourself and hold its highest light.

A new language is emerging. One of frequency and vibration. Everything has an energetic frequency. Every thought, every action, every word, person, company, product, sound, color leaves an imprint. Resonance is the thread that binds these frequencies. The ability to feel frequency and vibration through resonance will become one of the most powerful human technologies of our time. You can’t fake a frequency. Energy does not lie. As people transit into their hearts through choice or trauma, the ability to connect with this language will accelerate. Currently, this level of empathy is a developed gift some possess, like athleticism or musical prowess.

There are only so many lies we can digest before something deep within us awakens and takes notice. This is happening en masse in 2019, though it won’t be everyone. It is a year not only for demanding truth from our governments, religions, media and corporations, but first, facing it in our own lives. To do this, we must also allow the vulnerabilities inherent in truth; and support those people with the courage to reveal their own.

It may appear our planet is getting worse in the months ahead. But the turn up has begun. Like all healing, there is crisis before resolution. Don’t get stuck in the struggle and believe that’s all there is. Look beneath the turbulent surface of 2019 and you will discover future generations that speak about these days with awe and reverence for those who lived through its trials, envisioned its future and engineered the brilliant world it became.

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