Me and Maya

I dreamed about Maya Angelou again last night. She’s been in my dreams for the past two weeks, since I put my mother’s house on the market. Mom died in August following nine years of 24/7 care. The nightmares about her death only started after the house was listed. Maya has been with me in these dreams, a comforting presence to the fear.

I never met her. There are certain people in life you should have known; that you are sure they would have understood you, encouraged and guided you. Maya Angelou is one of these people for me. As is Nikola Tesla and John Muir for different reasons.

It’s weird I know, but sometimes I feel her and I ache that she is gone, though she was just a stranger. Yes, her poetry transformed and illuminated life, but it was her powerful presence that I miss most.

I woke up with her on my mind this morning and started writing this. I felt I needed to write words about her. Words mattered to Dr. Angelou. Then, I checked my email and there was a message from Bookbub, a book promotion company that I had used, encouraging me to buy her e-book. I took it as a sign to have faith in my own spiritual novel, Trusting the Currents. I like to imagine she would have loved the book.

I realize it’s all all in my head, this relationship with Maya, Dr. Angelou. But I miss her out there on the horizon of my life, knowing someone who knew such darkness and brought such light existed, bringing love into the world, wisdom to the needy, and blessings to those who were lucky enough to cross her path. What magic she must have conjured. The world needs these wisest of women, anchored into the earth, listening to the sound of god. Who is there now?

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