A Love Letter From My Higher Self…For You Too!

I was having a bad day recently. I decided to ask God a question.

“God, I’m confused. I have no idea who I am anymore, what I’m supposed to be doing in all this turmoil, and if my life has any meaning, purpose or relevancy. What do you think?”

I haven’t talked to my higher self in a while. But here it is. It felt like a message for us all:

“Your relevancy is up to you. And I am not God. I am you. The higher part or really, the bigger part of you. If you don’t feel relevant, you are not. None of us are as important as we make ourselves out to be, or as insignificant as we feel. We matter to those we love, those we help. We matter to the moment. You are important to me because you are the expression of all I am. You enable me to experience life, the good, the bad, the pain, the glory. All of which you have accomplished, though now you doubt life because it is not fulfilling your expectations.

You are fulfilling mine. You have lived a life I am proud of. And if you were honest, you would not change one thing. Even in your sadness and weakness and failures and mistakes, you have been the living embodiment of all my expectations. Humans are born on this planet to experience life. The soul does not determine suffering to be pain and joy to be good. It revels in the divinity and humanity of both. It loves the human vehicle that allows this spark from God to be more than spirit; to hold manifest space in the universe, to touch trees and make love and hate for a moment then forgive and go on and be every possibility.

You are confused but you are braver than you know. I will not make promises of good times to come, though they may. I will only tell you that you are appreciated for your mere existence here and we await your return when your time arrives. Until then, maybe dance more, listen to music. Take less time away from the small joys that truly define the human experience.

Life for most turns in ways that terrify the uninitiated but you have been initiated and should know that it is all a joy, every moment. And you will miss even the suffering when you have passed as it illuminated how alive you were, how awake and aware. It brought you into secrets that only those who struggle know.

Take better care of your body. All of you. Right now. It is the most important request we ask. Seek out those who understand you most and forgive the fearful cruelty of those who understand you least. Be careful with the time you have left. You will miss every moment you could have stayed, but will not grieve for what is lost.

You will always be Love. Even the most evil and vile come from love and will return. Forgiveness is our hope for you. Forgive yourself for what you never became and the tragedies that befall you and others. Forgive God of your expectations of every errant thought. Know you are not alone; none of you, as you have each other if you would only reach out. Yet, we wait and watch and assist as best we can with the allowances and abilities we have. Be gentle. Life is but a whisper.”

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