Don’t Get Sick This Winter!

IMG_8737It’s that time of year. And you don’t want to get sick, so I am sharing my Winter Wellness Cabinet, full of the goodies I use to avoid catching anything. I hope it helps you!

The best cold/flu remedy is prevention. So of course, wash your hands constantly, and take care of yourself. Eat healthy and rest, both physically and emotionally. Use these products at the FIRST sign of anything suspicious. Usually, if you are sensitive, you will have a slight shift in consciousness and suddenly your body will whisper uh-oh, what is that strange sensation? You know that feeling. Heed its message! Even if you are not sure if it’s an invading illness or your imagination, use this regime for a day or two. If you feel fine in a couple of days, stop them and go about your merry way.

It works best when you get to the bugs before they have a chance to nest anywhere. So trust your gut instincts. Usually, the first place you will feel it in your body is your throat and/or nose. If you get stuffed up or have a scratchy throat, start these nutrients immediately. Once it moves into your chest, you usually will have to ride it out. It’s best to already have them in your medicine cabinet because every minute matters. Really. I always take the high end of the recommended dose on each bottle because I don’t want to give the suckers any chance…and they can be insistent!

If you get past 3-4 days and you still are getting sick or have gotten sick anyway, you can stop the Colloidal Silver. If the Oregano Oil bothers your stomach, stop that too. This regime works best to knock out the bugs in the early stages. Once you have it full-on, try my Addie Mae’s Liquid Love Chicken Soup recipe below. It will make you feel deliciously warm and loved.

Here is what is in my medicine cabinet:

Elderberry Syrup: Great for any upper respiratory infection and builds your immune system. Tastes good! I like Gaia brand but there are other good ones too.

Oscillococcinum: A classic homeopathic aid. I always start taking this at the first glimpse of any illness. Keep it up until a couple of days after you feel totally fine. Or if you are still sick, don’t continue once you finish the package.

SuperLysine+ Immune System formula: This works on any virus and builds your immunity to fight viruses. Helps heal cold sores too.

Woodstock C&F Seasonal Support: A powerful blended extract for the cold and flu. Begin as soon as you feel anything and keep taking throughout the illness. The best cold and flu extract I have found. It’s the formula behind the Quantum line that went out of business.

Oregano Oil: This stuff taste terrible but kills critters in your throat, head and chest. Really good for a sore throat. I like both the Oreganol brand and Natural Factors brand, but as long as it has a minimum of 80% Carvacrol, you are good. Organic oregano oil is best. Put three drops on your tongue 2 – 3X a day until feeling better. It’s pretty intense so slow it down if it’s too much for you.

Colloidal Silver: This is a natural antibiotic. You don’t want to be swallowing a ton of this stuff. I use it mostly as a preventative when I feel like I was exposed to something, and in the first couple of days I feel it coming on. If I get a full-fledged anything, I discontinue and use the other products. I use two versions. One is a nasal spray, which is easy to squirt two sprays up each nostril if you’ve been around someone sick, or have been on a flight and just want to make sure you kill any potential hitch-hiking, airborne bug. Works to eliminate bugs in the nasal passages before they can do any real harm. I also have a liquid drop version. If I feel I’m coming down with something, I’ll take 3-6 teaspoons a day until it either goes away or becomes an actual cold/flu. Then I switch to the other products. I like the Sovereign Silver brand.

Olive Leaf Extract (Organic): Eliminates viruses and builds the immune system. Use as directed. Gaia Organics is my brand of choice.

Source Naturals Wellness Formula: Just another good blend of bug attacking, immune building nutrients. Take at first sign of infection. Follow instructions on bottle. Can use for length of illness. Should help to shorten the time you are sick.

Eucalyptus Oil (Organic): Once your sinuses are stuffed, inhale to open nasal passages. Put it in a steaming bowl of water and breathe, or put into a bath. Won’t cure you but brings relief.

Lavender Oil (Organic): Since you feel so bad when you are sick and this leads to anxiety, inhaling a good lavender oil, particularly at night, helps to relax. Put a couple of drops on a Kleenex or your pillow. It also has antiseptic qualities.

Probiotics: Take a good (refrigerated) probiotic while taking these things because the oregano oil and colloidal silver will also kill the good bacteria in your gut, as does antibiotics. (By the way, I wouldn’t mix these wellness products with antibiotics. Not sure how they interact). If you need an antibiotic for a bacterial infection, take it! But it will do nothing for a virus.

All these products are available at Whole Foods.

No matter what you do, sometimes you are just going to get sick. It’s your body’s way of slowing you down and cleansing. To feel better, try my Addie’s Mae’s Liquid Love Chicken Soup Recipe.

Have a healthy winter! Spring is on its way!

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