The Pursuit of the Impossible

When you believe in something, never give up on it.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot, since I Indie-published my now award-winning novel, Trusting the Currents, a year ago. It’s been a looooog journey. One I tried to abandon many times, but the story wanted so badly to be heard, it wouldn’t let me quit. It still won’t.

What drives the adamant quest stalked by impossibility, even when it pulls  us away from a sensible life? It seems everything great in our world springs from those who follow unreasonable dreams despite all odds … leaders, artists and inventors, from Nelson Mandela to Vincent Van Gogh to Steve Jobs.

Most dreamers aren’t understood. Success takes years, sometimes well beyond their lifetimes to be realized. The best ideas represent a threat to what exists, so these emerging concepts are dismissed, ignored or attacked. Not all holding a dream will be recognized. It is an uncommon brew of idea, passion, action and timing that results in achievement. This barrier cannot stop you.

While I was an EVP of New Business in advertising, the wise CMO of a Fortune 100 company told me. “There are millions of ideas out there. We want to work with people who make them happen.” It stuck with me. All of us have ideas and dreams. They exist in the ether of our collective unconscious, and maybe beyond into a vast universe. But only those who are willing and able to fight for them, however long it takes, will move the needle to GO. If you give up, someone else will discover this dream and carry it forward.IMG_6766

When you really believe in something, you walk through a web of struggle and failure then must release all expectations of the outcome. No dreamer truly owns the dream. You share it with those who support you, with others bearing the same vision and with the future, where it belongs. If you can step away from your own ego, you will see that right now your dream is exactly where it should be. These things take time. Be flexible. Ask for help. Stay open to cooperation.

The pursuit of the impossible transforms us. The world is not flat. Man and woman can fly. And we communicate across the globe as fast as a thought. Whose dreams are we ignoring right now that might improve the way something is done? Or change humanity for the better? If they are yours, please do not quit. The world needs its dreams. And if they belong to someone else … listen and trust in the impossible.

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