Election Day Blues

I just voted.

But I couldn’t shake the feeling that this time, it didn’t matter whom I voted for. The corruption and insanity is so ingrained, we are already on a trajectory that can only be changed by each of us cleaning up our own little acre of life. It’s easy to demonize one side or thvoting-paper-ballotse other but these divisions are within us, within our own nature. The enemies are fear and ignorance, our easy surrender to authority, petty judgments and intolerance of “the other.” Until we arrive at the understanding that we are all in this together, that whatever differences separate us are also gifts, those who yield power will continue to manipulate everyone to our detriment. We are beginning the next stage of life on this planet. So much of our lives, both personally and globally are collapsing, transforming. Do we let our pain or our hearts lead us?

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