April will be a month of profound change and opportunity. Of course, this feeling is seeded in the rumblings of my own life. Things are shifting; new ground is rising. April is a month of expiration dates. There will be unequivocal endings; to relationships and jobs yes, but mostly to something deeper…to our sense of identity. We are uneasy because it is so unfamiliar. Yet, if we can discard the weight of past patterns and thinking, and trust in what is not yet known, startling opportunities can emerge.

They will come from unexpected places and unusual people; so set your gaze beyond your field of experience. They will require you to take a deep breath and face facts about yourself you either don’t recognize or are avoiding. Anything that appears from this wisdom will just be the beginning, a small bud that grows through the year. Be mindful. Take bold action and captain your emotions.

This month we must summon the fully aware adult within each of us. dscn0066Every choice must be our choice. April decisions will have long-lasting influence in our lives. It’s sort of sneaky because there will be confusion, conflict and fear which might cause us to retract from the very thing we need to embrace. I encourage you not to accept this sabotage but to move forward through these challenges.

I think April is going to feel very different for many people. This long, dark winter is finally over. Life is pushing through the frozen earth, reaching for the light of the sun so it can become what was promised. We are all doing the same thing. It is our spring, too!

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