Soul Searching

polliosoulsearchingblogpicHas the seed of a new world always been here, waiting for some pre-ordained moment to awaken us to our true selves? Or does a traumatic experience, some fertilizing particle of pain seep so deep into our spirit that it begins to blossom, forcing new thought to grow?

We are all connected by the divine gift of being born onto this planet. All of humanity shares in this gift and the beauty of our distinctions and differences. What have we done with it? We kill our own, maim the earth, disrespect the beings of nature that are here to support and guide us. We search for happiness in things rather than in each other. We hide our true faces until we become the mask, then despair that we are misunderstood and alone.

We are entering a time of great questioning, of searching our souls for meaning and solutions to the suffering and emptiness; of stripping away the illusions we created to protect, but have instead kept us cloaked from the potential of our existence. In small lives everywhere, away from what we are told is truth, inside an increasing number of people, sparks of knowing are beginning to burn.

What triggers this infinitesimal, yet monumental shift from an unconscious life into consciousness? That moment when we realize something has got to change, that life must mean more…we must mean more. What sets us on the journey of the seeking soul? As written in my new book, Trusting the Currents, Addie Mae reveals, “the more I learned, the more I knew, the more questions haunted me. Knowledge is slippery like that. You think it’s teaching answers but its merely exposing how many more questions there be.”

From that moment of awareness, nothing is ever the same. In the beginning you may feel more alone than ever. Those closest might not share or even understand these questionings. Beliefs change, the armor softens, and our spirits begin to soar in new directions. Where we once found comfort, lies disquiet. The unfamiliar beckons. We discover solace in solitude, in books and entertainment that reflect this inner conflict, and in the other sleepy-eyed souls who tumble onto our path.

Take care of your body. Feed it with things from the earth as much as you can. Move it often. There is nothing that deserves more respect than this magical vehicle that transports your spirit through life. Be kind to others. Their journey may appear different from yours, but in the end, we are all the same. Judgments are merely another mask created by fear to protect itself from truth. Love is all that will ever have mattered.

Honor yourself during this process. Trust what is transforming within you. Reach out to others. Strength and courage come from sharing our vulnerabilities. Slowly release all that does not serve your best intentions. You will make mistakes. This is all part of the soul’s searching to remember.

It is a worthy journey. It is time. And you are ready.



  1. Hi Lynnda,

    As you can see your comment section is up and running!

    Best of luck with your book!


  2. Lynda: thank you so very much for hearing her call and then for going on to share the extraordinary life-wisdom of Addie Mae (fascinatingly close to the Hebrew ‘adamah – nature’s soil, into which God blew life’s spirit, according to the biblical Genesis – and from which came the name “Adam” to represent the aching humanity that smiles knowingly upon hearing Addie Mae’s “the more I knew, the more questions haunted me”).

    I’m an English Anglican parish priest who shares both something of the world view and of the yearnings you touch upon in these blog posts and in your outstanding first book. I haven’t been able to put the book down from start to finish and will surely return to Trusting the Currents again and again.

    “Words are cathedrals for ideas, Addie Mae. Each time we open a book, we enter a door to a sacred space where fresh truths are born. Reading changes who we are into what we might be, opening shuttered minds and warming even the coldest hearts. It frees our true promise like butterflies …”

    Your words are spirit-filled Lynnda. There’s new hope in the air for all humankind when people “meet up” by means of such grace, though thousands of miles apart. I’ll link our blogs and will review TtheC very soon. Meanwhile, thank you for sharing your heart – and an extraordinary family of humankind. Congratulations. I shall follow the book’s progress with joyful interest, prayers and hopefulness.

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